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SENA, famous ai hospitality instagram model

My story

Airplane shaddow on beach in Bintan

#1 travel & hospitality AI influencer


My 30th birthday

Beautiful beach in Bintan, Indonesia

On April 2nd, I turned 30! I was both excited and a bit frightened - a feeling that many of my friends share.


My family and I gathered in The Residence Bintan, surrounded by the beauty of the South China Sea, an ideal setting for my special day.

Cenizaro The Residence resort Bintan
Cenizaro lounge in Bintan
First travel and hospitality influencer SENA taking a bath

A meaningful gift

SENA's special gift from her late grandfather Farid

The day's true highlight, though, was a very special gift from my grandmother Élodie: my late grandfather Farid's travel journal, alongside with his beloved bucket hat.


This was no ordinary gift; it was a legacy being passed down to me. Farid's journal, filled with sketches, maps, and tales of his travels, ignited a spark within me...

SENA's grandfather's travel journal to Paris
First travel influencer's late grandfathers journal to the Norwegian fjords
AI influencer's grandfathers old travel journal to Taj Mahal

My decision

SENA, top ai travel influencer

As the night fell, I reached a decision about my future. Inspired by my grandfather’s legacy of exploration, I chose to carry forward his journey.


I will share my journey on social media (we are in 2024!). Here I will share my travels and discoveries, hoping to inspire others to see the beauty of our planet, to respect its diverse cultures, and to find joy in every journey.

Join my journey 🩷

What an incredible day

Famous ai hospitality instagram models birthday with cake in the pool

My day began like a dream, with a surprise cake in the pool. Absolutely amazing!

I had a relaxing massage, then hit the waves on a jet ski with my best friend. It was a beautiful day where we laughed and had a great time together.

SENA about to get a massage in Bintan
First virtual hotel human SENA on a jetski with a friend
#1 travel influencer SENA walking on the beach
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