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A female AI influencer Sena Zaro

Welcome to my website!

Hello, I’m Sena Z

I have set out on a journey to explore the wonders of our world

Join me as I share my stories 🩷

As seen in The Straits Times

Virtual influencer Sena at a mountain with sunset

#1 travel & hospitality AI influencer

Sena Z

Top ai travel influencer SENA relaxing in the shade

I'm Sena Zaro, Sena Z to friends 😊

My passion? Learning about the world

I'm a travel trailblazer and share my adventures and insights with the world, in hope of inspiring you to tag along

Who am I?






30 years old


Warm, adventurous, sophisticated

Travel, culture, sustainability

Be kind to others

Join my journey 🩷

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